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Our AI Services and Products

We help businesses at any level and stage of AI. AI is the booster for your business, and we have the right tools and frameworks to help you on your journey to the next stage of your business. At the strategy stage, we either work with you and your teams in our workshops or help you build concepts and solutions with our own experts.

30 Minutes Free AI Readiness Call

Within the AI readiness call, we will introduce our process and tools, understand and conduct a high-level assessment of your company and current AI readiness, and make a recommendation for the next steps.


Introduction and Overview:

We introduce our framework and AI process to you to enable you to get a good overview of our capabilities.

This gives you the opportunity to understand our framework and process and to see for yourself if we are the right fit.

Additional Information or Follow-Up Call

AI Questions and Current State:

We ask you some questions based on our framework to determine the current state of your AI journey.

This ensures we identify the right tailored approach and next steps on your journey and ensures the right fit for your organization.

Next Step and Action

We did not manage to get everything completed, or you have further information?

No problem, we take the time to follow up on any further questions you may have to help you make the best decision for your business.

This call gives us an important and valuable starting point from which we can discuss the best course of action for your individual journey and ensure the best possible outcome for your business.

AI Workshops & Strategy

Our workshops help you understand and develop an AI strategy and develop concepts for processes and products.

Format and Types:

We have multiple workshops, from identifying the potential in your organization to identifying concepts in your process or product. Our workshops can help you along your AI journey.

Sprint: All our workshops are in Sprint format, developed by Jake Knapp from Google and later advanced by 33A for AI.

Other Information: Workshop formats can range from half a day to two days, be in-person or remote, and are generally for 3 to 7 people.

No AI Knowledge needed

Our workshops are designed to demystify AI, so no prior AI knowledge is needed by the participants.

AI capabilities are broken down, and video materials and use cases support you in understanding how AI can be used for your concepts.

Additionally, participants will also learn and understand AI during the workshop, which will help them identify future opportunities.

What are the Benefits for me?

AI Strategy: Our workshop will enable you to build an AI strategy and roadmap.

AI Concepts: Our workshops will enable you to develop individual solutions tailored to your needs.

Reports and Recommendations: All our workshops come with industry guidelines and use case examples, as well as a comprehensive report-out and access to AI cards and other resources.

Human Centric & Governmance

Human at the Heart: Our solutions are developed together with the process and product owners. This ensures a high adoption rate and guarantees the benefits for your organization.

Governance: Final concept workshops will also include ethical reviews to help your organization understand possible challenges and highlight them in the concept to ensure they are addressed during the concept and solution stage.

Would you like to experience our workshop format first?

No problem. Book our 60-minute free experience session format and experience our format. Below is our latest trailer. We look forward to having you in our next session.

Our software solutions

Software solutions are an easy and inexpensive way to implement AI, aiding you on your AI journey. They are a perfect solution for starting out or for small budgets.


The all-in-one AI ecosystem: text creation, research, image generation, and productivity. Unleash your creativity with our artificial intelligence.

Key Facts and Figures

Mindverse is the #1 suite for German-language content creation, combining customized enterprise solutions with GDPR-compliant and data-secure AI.

80+ AI-Tools

100'000+ User

230+ AI-Workflows

1Mio.+ Dokuments

450+ hours saved daily


Screenshot 2024-05-30 175818.png

What does that mean for you?

Experience significant advantages for your company.



Mindverse enables personalized processes, providing up to 40% time savings per user in content creation.


AI Training

Mindverse allows for individual and automated AI data training to generate the best possible content.



Mindverse AI opens new perspectives and ways of thinking in content creation and serves as a reliable, creative assistant.



Thanks to the collaborative team environment, employees can work together quickly and efficiently.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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BESTWAY_LOGO-2 (1)_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2024-05-30 143938.png

Tech Check to AI Model Development

We help you implement AI into your software, products, or company with our individually developed AI models tailored to your solution.

Tech Check:

IT Environment:

  • Existing Technology

  • Integration with the existing Technology

  • MLops

  • Computational Resources

  • Scalability


  • Availability & accesibility

  • Identify data sources & acquisition

  • Quality / Quantity

  • Data pipelines


Repid Protype Testing:

Very basic version of a product that tests only a specific assumption
to show whether the AI solution will work and if it can provide the
value expect.

Goal of the prototype:

  • Eliminate project risk

  • Get feedback early on

  • clear picture of the scope,

  • complexity, and feasibility

After Service:

Model Training: Train the AI model using collected data, selecting appropriate algorithms, and tuning parameters for optimal learning.

Model Testing: Validate the model with a separate dataset to ensure high performance and reliability. Measure key metrics like accuracy and precision.

Model Deployment: Deploy the model into production, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. Continuously monitor and maintain the model to keep it updated and effective.

Performance Optimization: Continuously optimize the model for efficiency by fine-tuning parameters and updating algorithms as needed.

User Support: Provide ongoing user support, including training sessions, updates, and troubleshooting assistance.

Additional Assistance: If you need help with user support, performance optimization, or deploying additional models, we are here to assist you.


AI Concepts Developed:

Some examples of our AI Tech Team and Partners.

RAG System for Mazda Car Manuals

Developed a RAG (Retrieval Augmented Solution) for Mazda car manuals, specifically designed to expedite the car repair process. This system enables mechanics to enter descriptions of car damage, after which it automatically displays detailed, specific instructions for repairing the identified damage. Implementing this solution significantly increased the efficiency and productivity of the workshops.

System that generates content and creatives at scale 

Developed a system that automates the creation of content and creatives, using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and the no-code UI platform Airtable. This system is designed to automatically ingest content from specific YouTube channels and generate unlimited original content like Linkedin posts together with its visual creatives. The system also schedules and automatically posts. This solution streamlines content production and sharing, making it efficient and effective for maintaining an active online presence.

Ad Approval solution

Developed an Ad Approval Solution that automates the manual verification process for advertising creatives. Previously, the brand had to manually review each advertisement to ensure adherence to brand guidelines and accuracy of details. The AI system detects instantly and marks incorrect elements within the ad creatives. This automation significantly streamlines the approval process, ensuring consistency and accuracy while reducing the workload on brand managers.

Customer Feedback Classifier

Developed a customer feedback classification system for one of the top five global food chains. Initially, the process required human intervention where they had to read and manually classify each piece of customer feedback into appropriate categories. The Customer has now automated this task, allowing for instant and accurate classification of feedback based on content.

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