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AI-Implementations by Kienerich GmbH

Changing the way we do business

At AI-Implementations by Kienerich GmbH, we specialize in end-to-end AI solutions that catalyze innovation across industries. Since our digital transformation journey began in 2016, we've committed to empowering businesses by integrating cutting-edge AI technologies. Our mission is to help our clients navigate and surmount challenges, enhancing their products, processes, and financial outcomes. Together, we're not just reacting to the future; we're actively creating it.


Our Story

In 2016, Kienerich GmbH was founded to digitalize the lifestyle and medical industry. Through the Mavomed brand and a diverse array of third-party medical products, we harnessed innovative digital methods to transform the supply chain, marketing, and sales processes in the medical industry.

Our journey began with daunting challenges. Without a sales history, we had to decipher market demand, pricing, competitors, and suppliers. Additionally, information from suppliers, even with decades of experience, often proved to be inaccurate. This ambiguity impacted our inventory management, cash flow, and profitability.

The turning point came when we developed our digital framework and implemented AI processes to collect and analyze product data for market insights. This provided us with real-time information on prices, competitors, product quality, and usability feedback, giving us an edge over even the most experienced medical product manufacturers.

Our history and journey gave us a unique perspective on providing AI solutions that bring real value. We immediately started to extend our digital footprint and partner with experts like 33 A. Today, our AI framework allows us to provide a unique value proposition, unmatched by any other companies in the market. We work with companies from multiple industries and countries, offering exceptional value to our customers.

We hope to speak with you about your unique needs, as we want to help you accomplish great things in the future. Contact us now!

Our Unique Value for Your AI Strategy

Fast access to practical AI use cases and industry guidelines:

Within our partner network, we share over 100 actual implemented use cases, which allows us to provide unique industry guidelines, reduce risk during model development and implementation, and give us a significant competitive advantage. As generative AI on a large commercial scale is only a couple of years old, many of our competitors can only provide a handful of use cases and experiences.

Tailored AI Services for your Business Success

With a focus on your individual needs, our framework, processes, and workshops are crafted to align our services and solutions with your unique business strategy and values. We deliver customized solutions that drive your business to the next level, ensuring distinctive success and growth.

Complete AI Solutions for Every Business Need:

Recognizing AI opportunities across your organization often means needing various solutions, from software to training and custom AI models. Unlike most providers, who offer limited services, we deliver a full spectrum of AI solutions, giving you a seamless and efficient experience with a single, trusted partner.

Decades of Expertise in Digitalization and Process Improvement:

Our facilitators and solution providers have proven track records of running digitalization projects, product development, or process improvements for more than a decade. Providing expertise in the industry through multiple implemented solutions, you are in trusted hands.

Welcome to Our Core Team

Christoph Rosenboom - CEO

Implemented the first inventory and operational planning software in 2011 and held multiple global senior roles before buying it`s first company to start digitalizing the medical industry.

Certified tool Champion for multiuple workshops including value stream mapping, transactional process improvemnt and AI facilitator workshops, with a long track record of business strategy, process improvement, Digitalization and product development.

Chris is part of various AI organizations and communities in Germany to help and support the understanding of AI and the development of AI Start-Ups.

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We offer a seamless, full-spectrum journey from AI consultancy to elite development, and robust implementation, ensuring you're supported at every step. Whether you're looking to spark transformation with initial training or accelerate growth with strategic investment, our tailored solutions demystify AI and unlock unprecedented potential for your organization. Partner with us to elevate your operations and harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence, propelling your business into a new era of success.

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